Cats: Mixed Week

Lady and Floyd boarded at Dr. Val’s last weekend.  Lady’s stay did not start well.  She’s always grumpy after traveling, and she expressed strong resentment for being put in the cage from her carrier after a three hour drive.  She attacked the vet tech who was setting up her cage with litter pan, food, and water. I tried having her and Floyd share the four area space, but she was having none of it, and Floyd was quite intimidated (Neil later separated them).  When I walked in to pick them up Monday morning, Lady’s cage had a sizable sign reading, “Don’t Pet. I bite.”  Sigh. She hissed at me when I picked her up to put her in her carrier to bring her home.  Once we got home, she was a different cat, cuddling and lounging all day.

I asked them to test a urine sample from Floyd to see if he has another urinary tract infection, but they couldn’t get a sample from him.

Everyone else in the house is doing well.

Outside, we’re not sure.  We haven’t seen Sneaky since Tuesday afternoon.  She seemed fine then, but over the last few weeks, she’s been increasingly stand-offish, less interested in interacting with us.  She used to always come up when I called under the house for her, and she’s not done that in several weeks, leading me to believe she may be spending time elsewhere.  The likely candidate is the house behind us, which is vacant and for sale* — lots of privacy over there right now.

We have seen Walter, so we know he’s fine. We still can’t get anywhere near him. That’s probably just the way he’s going to be.

* A late model Victorian built in 1919. Two story. Four bedrooms with four full baths and a half bath. First floor master bedroom. Two car garage with a one bedroom apartment upstairs. In ground pool. Half acre lot. Asking just over $300k.

MGR: Publication Fears

I got a good chuckle when I checked this month’s topic.  “What fears do I have regarding publication?”  Why did I chuckle?  Because my first publication is just going live.  Had you heard?  Blackbirds First Flight, a dark fantasy anthology, is on sale a little early from it’s planned October 1st publication date, so you can pick up a copy now (Go ahead. I’ll wait.)

Thank you. My fears regarding publication, since I’ve decided to go the self-publishing route, run along the lines of making a mistake and doing something that brings me to the attention of some regulatory body I didn’t know about or one that I did know about but was unaware of the proper procedures to follow.  Maybe this is the thing that keeps people with otherwise good ideas from going into business for themselves?  I can see that.

The other publishing fear is one so far from being likely to happen, it stays on the periphery of my mind.  What might that be? That I would somehow manage to become some type of authorial rockstar sensation to the extend that I couldn’t venture into public without being mobbed by fans. Or that they would camp outside my house.

Have you stopped laughing yet?  Yeah. Pretty unlikely, that one, and it doesn’t seem fair to anyone who might be a fan of my work, because I do not mean to demean anyone’s appreciation.  The massive introvert that is me thinks that might be the worst thing that could happen.  Actually, the true fans aren’t the problem.  The inability to tell them from the psychopaths in the world is of greater concern.

Then, of course, there is this: Someone claiming your work is really their work when it isn’t but having a to find a way to prove it when the accuser apparently only has to say, “That’s mine.”

Of a more generic nature is the concern a very stupid typo will make it through the beta reader and editing process only to be caught by readers.  If there’s only one of those, that’s not so bad, but what if there are a bunch? How embarrassing! Want to avoid that one.

Got any publishing nightmares to share?  I know we want to hear all about it.

September Property Update

Wasn’t I just doing this post for August last week?  It sure seems that way.  What have we been up to over the last month?

San Antonio House:

  • Even with a three week absence, the yard help up well with minimal rain. The west side was crackly.  I got enough watering done to tide it over.  It’s supposed to get rain all week this week.  We’ll believe it when we hear about it.
  • I got the back yard mowed last week.

The Ranch:

The camera recorded at least four young bucks at one time at the feeder, two feral hogs, and a raccoon (not all at the same time). I put more feed and a camera with fresh batteries out on September 1.  I’ll pick up the camera chip this week for our second reading.  I turned off the video feature, and I hope that will save battery life.

The Store:

I mowed the tallest grass Monday.  Everything is pretty even now.

The Shop:

Since we talked last, most of our effort has been to load two trailers for an auto swap meet over Labor Day weekend, then unloading and putting things away after the swap meet.

Central Texas House:

  • Mr. L corrected a problem with the back door that has prevented it from sealing.  As winter approaches and the North winds unleash their fury, this should help the kitchen stay warmer.
  • I mowed the lawn and used the weed eater to trim.

None of that seems like a whole lot, but it was something.

Cats: The House Still Stands

We left most of the cats home for the weekend.  Lady and Pretty Boy Floyd checked into boarding for the weekend — Lady so she could get her medicine, and Floyd because he likes to tip the full water tower over sometimes. We arrived home this afternoon to a full litter box, and diminishing food and water towers.  Someone barfed off the top of the dresser in the dining room.  Just the usual cat parties while we were gone, I guess.